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Let's learn how to make games!

At in Principle Learning we teach children from age 8 and up how to make their own video games. Each course is designed with the specific intent of getting something tangible done at the end of every lesson. By the end of each class, the student will have a complete and functioning video game in their hands.

We have courses for absolute newcomers, as well as courses for more advanced students. We're always looking for new students, so get in touch at info@inPrincipleInc.com!

Here are a few examples of the courses we offer...

Introductory Class
Game: Do As I Say
Level: Absolute Beginner - 10 Lessons
Pitch: Press keys as they appear on screen!
Students will learn
1. The basics of using the Unity3D game engine
2. The basics of C# syntax and programming logic
3. The basics of 3D space management (x, y, z)
4. The basics of bug investigation and fixing
5. Types of numerals (int and float)
And more...

Die Simulator Class
Game: Phyzzy Dice
Level: Intermediate - 14 Lessons
Pitch: Roll up to 10 dice simultaneously!
Students will learn
1. Physics and collisions in Unity3D
2. The basics of forces and torque
3. Basics of 3D modeling
4. Advanced 3D space management
5. The basics of 3D audio
6. Branding and polish
And more...

Game: Alien Shooter
Level: Advanced - 20 Lessons
Pitch: Shoot aliens and asteroids in space!
Students will learn
1. More advanced math functions, like Sign, Abs, Lerp, and more
2. The basics of 2D pixel art
3. Managing movement, rotation, and scale of objects
4. The basics of sprite animation
5. Object instatiation
6. The basics of 2D physics
And much more...

How are the lessons done?

In person
in Principle offers tuition services in the Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada area in person. There are no minimum requirements to take the courses. It is preferable if the students have access to a personal computer or Mac, so they can practise their skills on their own time as well. However, if no personal computer is available, in Principle will bring a laptop over for each lesson.

Via Skype or similar
in Principle offers tuition services over the internet as well. Students will require a reasonably modern personal computer that they can use.

Who does in Principle teach?

in Principle specialises in teaching children. We offer our tuition services to children as young as 8. We prefer to teach individual kids one on one, as this is the best way to expore questions and doubts they may have. However, we offer our services to small groups of students as well.

Young adults
in Principle offers tuition services to adolescents and adults as well. We are happy to share what we know with anyone who is interested in learning to make games, or, less specifically, communicate with computers.

What will students learn?

In general? Game Development
Students will learn how video games are made in general. They will dip their toes in various disciplines at different levels of depth. in Principle specialises in teaching programming and use of the Unity3D game engine.

More specifically?
Math (arithmetic, algebra, advanced functions, vector math)
Logic (boolean, switches, time management, and more)
Computer Science (how computers work and how to communicate with them)
C# (programming language within the Unity3D environment)
A bit of art (games have graphics. For now this isn't a focus for in Principle learning, but we cover the Art aspect as well)
Audio (games have sounds. Again, not a focus, but students will learn the fundamentals)

All in one go?
No. The disciplines listed above require time to learn. Particularly beginner classes avoid covering a large amount of topics and are focused on programming and Unity3D use.

How do lessons look like?

Each lesson is designed to last more or less one hour. However, it's important to understand that each student is different, with different strengths and weaknesses. in Principle is interested in the students actually understanding the topics discussed. It's therefore possible that some lessons may take more than one sitting to get through.

in Principle will not disclose the price rates on the website, as prices are somewhat negotiable and variable. For instance, prices are dependent on travel costs, equipment use, and other factors which are discussed on a case by case basis. With that said, we are happy to say that the Introductory Class (all 10 lessons) is half price. This is done so that the students and their parents get an opportunity to assess whether game development interests them or not. in Principle strongly recommends to take the Introductory Class first, as it's designed to teach absolute beginners some fundamentals AND help them understand if they enjoy making games!

"Agile" development
Agile is a work methodology that is based on results and quick iterations of work. At in Principle we believe that the best motivating factor in learning and training is results. All of our lessons in all of our classes are designed to give bite sized notions and immediately putting these to practice. By the end of each lesson, the game the students are working on progresses tangibly. By the end of each class, the students have a fully playable and functioning game that they made and they can share with friends and family.

Want to learn how to make games?
Let's make one or six together!

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