MC2 – Updates – June 2nd to June 8th

Busy week, yet so little to show for it… LOL.

1. News are decent on the Online Multiplayer side. Collisions are difficult but we are making progress. They are starting to look decent more or less, though we still have teleportations happening every now and then and it looks less than stellar. Further we still need to synch all of the game status and replays. And all of this is only for Brawl mode. It’s challenging.

2. Our PR guy is doing fairly well. Our new “followable” websites and accounts are producing quite a bit of following, which I’m overjoyed about. Soon we will be posting an early version of MC2 on and GameJolt as well. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime go here and upvote!

3. I’ve been fixing loads of bugs this week. I still have quite a few to crunch through due to the addition of the countdown system at the end of each match. I’m close to fixing Soccer Mode completely, but I still have work to do.

4. The replay system is really quite nice to produce sweet videos. Hopefully I’ll find the time to make some to show you soon. Sorry, too busy now.

5. Logo‘s improving too. Here are some of the options I’ve been sent for the monochrome logo. Opinions?


6. An important thing I should mention is that I’ve decided to do a Game Jam this weekend, to break the routine a little. No I’m not insane, I know I just said I was busy enough. However, I’d promised months ago I would participate, and I quite value my word, so I intend to keep it. The theme of the Jam is “alternate reality”. And here’s a sneak peak of the game I’m working on… Oh yes, multiplayer… again. 🙂


– Mike

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