MC2 – Updates – May 26th to June 1st

Bit of a quiet update this time around. I’ve been a bit sick and the Online guy has requested a week of hiatus for personal reasons, which I have granted.

1. No news on the Online Multiplayer side. Collisions are difficult.

2. We now have a PR dedicated person for one month. We’ll see how this goes. For now, you should definitely follow:
The MC2 dedicated Twitter account:
The MC2 Instagram page:
The MC2 dedicated Facebook page:

3. The replay system is basically done for now. Most bugs have been resolved. It’s not perfect yet, far from it, but I’ve now moved onto other things.

4. I’ve added controller, keyboard, and mouse glyphs to parse in the text. This entailed creating the visual assets, and coding something that would be able to decide which ones to parse based on what’s in use. Surprisingly difficult, but I have managed to do a decent job so far. Here are a few examples:

Glyphs automatically changing based on last input:

Glyphs statically remaining on screen depending on platform and active controllers:

Static glyphs depending on player assigned controllers.

5. I’ve commissioned a logo for MC2. What do you guys think about this early draft? I quite like it.

Thanks for following.

– Mike

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