MC2 – Updates – May 12th to May 18th

Important update, with lots of stuff!

1. The Online Multiplayer aspect of the game is proceeding strong, with players being able to join and move correctly. The next step is accounting for the collisions correctly, which is not so simple, because MC2 uses a custom rebounding formula that depends on gameplay more than it does on Unity physics, at least when it comes to collisions. Also, jumping and charging need to be correctly synchronised among clients. We’re hoping we are going to have this complete by next week.

2. Added a new UI flow for the Online Multiplayer. Here’s two screenshots:

Oh yes, you will be able to play with local friends online as well. Not the full lobby, obviously, for that you should use Offline. 😀 But you will be able to look for 4 player matches with up to 2 guest profiles.

3. Added a countdown flow between rounds for Brawl mode. It’s going to be there both for Online and Offline. Players will be able to skip by pressing A. When all players skip, the countdown is interrupted immediately:

4. Negotiations ongoing with a contractor to take on marketing and PR. Meeting scheduled for next Thursday to possibly put a signature on that contract. I have high hopes.

5. The replay system is also proceeding, though not as fast as I would like. I’ve decided that all replays will be stored in the form of highlights (at least when it comes to Brawl mode), and players will be able to watch these highlights at the end of the full match, and save some or all of them, as desired. Here’s how the UI looks like at this time:

Also, some replay controls have been implemented, like starting / stopping playback, restarting from the beginning, slowing down the timeScale and speeding it up. Lastly, I’m happy to say I’ve managed to include audio playback as well, meaning that reproducing a collision at 20% speed produces a very low, deep collisions sound. Very satisfying, at least in my opinion.

6. For the curious out there, yes, I planted potatoes, carrots, aubergines (or eggplants for the North American crowd), peppers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes… that’s it I think… 😀

‘Til next time!

– Mike

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