MC2 – Updates – May 5th to May 11th

Epic update this time around!

1. We finally started working on the Online Multiplayer aspect of the game. And it very much is a “we“, as opposed to an “I“. I have offered a contract to a young man from Calgary and he accepted to work on the programming of the Online aspect of the game. Seems like a fairly solid investment so far. The contract is 1 month long, so we’ll see how that goes.

2. I’ve been contacting musicians all over the world to make the soundtrack for MC2. It’s been hit and miss, but I have found a few gems, which is encouraging. The goal, briefly, is to license younger, not as established talent, so I get to use awesome music, and the musicians get exposure, as well as money for their content (though obviously being less know I don’t have to pay them an eye and a leg). I’m looking for music that sounds “adrenaline pumping”, and ideally I would like faster paced dubsteppy stuff, somewhat like this (just an example):

At any rate, one of the people I contacted has much more experience than just music, and who knows, it may be possible I may be contracting him for something else in future? Will keep you guys up to date.

3. I’ve been working on the replay system. I originally wanted to have auto-replays after significant rounds. For several reasons I decided against that. Now I’m building a post-match highlight system, where all rounds can be reviewed (for now I’m only focused on Brawl mode). It’s coming along, but there still is work that needs doing in this area as well. It’s looking pretty good so far though.

4. Another interesting thing, especially for devs out there, is how much work I had to do with my lawyer due to the contracts I needed to assemble. Very interesting learning experience of back and forths between a man who uses the word “witnesseth” like it’s normal parlance, versus another man who uses the word “IEnumerator” as a substitute for a drawn out “hello”. Would be hysterical if it weren’t this important to get these things right…

5. This next week I need to plant potatoes peeps (LOL), so updates might be quite a bit less exciting… Sorry in advance!

Thanks for reading!

– Mike

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