MC2 – Updates – April 28th to May 4th

What a week! I’ve been quite busy and I have almost nothing to show for it, hurray:

1. Started working on replays. A lot harder than I thought… I originally thought I’d use all of the same infrastructure and just record the input from the players. That failed, the results were unpredictable and often way off from the original situation. I then started collecting data about position, rotation, velocity etc from the players every small amount of time. That quickly revealed that the collision system would not respond correctly. I was close to giving up trying this myself and I decided to buy EZ Replay Manager, which is an asset from the asset store. That went poorly as well. The asset doesn’t store nearly as much info as I need it to. So I’m going to request a refund and continue working on my replay, especially because I think I finally found a decent way to do it, which involves collecting player data often and synchronously. Seems decent for now, but I still have loads to do. This here is how far I got. You can see that damage doesn’t work in replays, and I also want to adapt audio for replays too, which is going to be an… interesting task. 🙂

2. Got in touch with another programmer. I most likely will be offering him a contract to start building the online gameplay infrastructure. This is exciting, because once the game has online support, I’m thinking of releasing in Early Access on Steam… We’ll see. But negotiating the terms of the contract with my lawyer and this programmer has taken a substantial amount of my time this week.

3. I posted an ad on Facebook to get young musicians to license music for me to use in MC2. Went very well so far, though nothing concrete yet. Again, lots of negotiating and explaining via email and messages. I expect a generic contract for this stuff to be ready by Wednesday next week. In the meantime, if you happen to know any upbeat EDM musicians with a dubsteppy-bend, feel free to give them my contact info. I’m still looking for musical talent.

4. I’m beginning the design process for the MC2 logo… Stay tuned!

5. On an unrelated note, when you live in the countryside you grow stuff… and the season is here. I need to tend to my plants a little bit as well. Relaxing, but not helpful when you’re trying to build a game!

6. On another unrelated note, I’m getting more business for my tuition services locally, which also steals some of my time away!

Hopefully, by next week I will have some updates both on replays and on online! Work work work.

– Mike

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