MC2 – Updates – April 21st to April 27th

Apologies for being a few days late on the update. Calgary Expo required a lot of preparation and I couldn’t get around to this earlier. Here’s what I did this week:

1. Completed “Disc War” mode. I didn’t think it was going to be any good, but then I tried it with my kids and oh boy… I have trouble explaining the mode, but it’s exciting. People at the Calgary Expo seemed to also have fun playing it. It’s complete chaos!

2. Started working on a major feature… Replays. This one will take some time, because it’s hard to do and the game has a lot of moving parts I need to save often to recreate a convincing replay. I made good progress, but I have no idea if it even works for now. Will keep working on this.

3. I got in touch with another seasoned programmer about the Online Multiplayer aspect of MC2. I have a meeting with him on Monday 2018-04-30 to discuss the situation and whether we can collaborate. Looking forward to it.

Slim update, I know… It’s been a crazy week!!!

– Mike

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