MC2 – Updates – April 7th to April 13th

What I did this week:

1. Fixed various bugs with the end of round point tally in Brawl mode and added the leader crown. Not too sure about the emissive properties of the material, but that’s tweakable:

2. Added a LEADER callout at the beginning of each round. This is only in brawl for now, but I may add it to Soccer and Recycling at some point. The intent is to make it more attractive for competitors to gang up on those who are ahead, without giving these players what I perceive to be unfair disadvantages (see Towerfall’s reduction of arrows for leading players and addition of shields for trailing players):

3. Added a podium state to the match. I really like how Rocket League does its podium. So I did something quite similar. I included the ability to move in place and also included game mode relevant stats. Some of these stats are not tracked correctly yet, but it’s on the TODO list. I will be supporting Ribbons, which will further gamify things. This feature doesn’t work at all at the moment, but these will be tracking complex stats, and most likely relative to the other players as well (imagine if blue killed yellow many times more than the rest of the players, the blue player may get the “yellow death” ribbon, or something along these lines):

4. Changed the look of the Brawl arena slightly to make it sharper (left is old, right is new). Functionality remains the same:

5. Made important fixes to damage system and charge system. Also, rebalanced sphere attributes (for the balillionth time! :D) Won’t disclose details here.

6. Started working on a new mode! Codename… “disc“. What’s that red thing in the middle, I hear you ask? That’s the “disc”. What about the floor with tiles? That may play a part in the game mode… Wait and see!

7. Spent some money on a local online marketing consulting company. I will be collaborating with these people in the near future to try and increase online exposure for in Principle Inc and MC2.

8. Prepared for the 2018/04/14 Trade Show in a local town nearby. Will be promoting in Principle Games and in Principle Learning as well. Will report back on how it went in a separate post.

Pretty busy week, all things considered! Cheers.

– Mike

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