MC2 – The Story – Should I continue developing?

On March 31st, 2018 I went to Calgary, to the Video Games Live event. We had a booth there, showcasing MC2. Here’s how it looked like:

This was the first showing ever for the game, and the game was in pre-alpha at this stage. I primarily wanted to showcase Brawl mode (which is the one with the round ring, where players need to knock each other off the ring), and gauge whether people liked the game enough to want to play it more at home. In order to make it more official, I asked all of the adult players who stopped to play to tell me whether I should continue developing MC2 going forward. So here’s what my trusty assistant Zoë (8 year old) and I set up:

What you see on the right is a makeshift easel holding coloured paper that reads as follows: “SHOULD WE CONTINUE DEVELOPING MC^2? NAY (left, red), YAY (right, green)”.

At least 50+ people stopped to play (I was too busy to keep count, unfortunately) and I’m happy to say that most of them seemed to be very happy with the game, especially the younger audience. We had a few people even coming back to play more after they’d already tried it! Here’s a short sample of a highlight reel (I intend to make more!):

So, hopefully you’re as excited to see this as I am to find out… How did the whole impromptu easel survey go?

29 upvotes, 0 downvotes. Onwards then? Well, yes, but I’m still not sure MC2 is going to have customers… There is one thing in particular I intend to do differently next time. I will setup the same easel, however, I will sneakily add some negative doodles as well. I don’t want people to have to brave standing out in being the only one or the first one who dislikes the game. Hopefully, that will help me gauge whether MC2 is any good more accurately!

My deepest thanks go to all those who played MC2 on Saturday in Calgary. Thanks so much for making it a fun event and bolstering my morale in continuing development! ONWARDS! 😀

– Mike

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