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Welcome to in Principle!

in Principle is an independent video game development studio based in the Lethbridge, Alberta area in Canada. We make games and we teach children how to make their own!

NEWS - Currently developing... Thrusty Ship

Thrusty Ship, the only Rocket Platformer out there! The '80s game that never was, and somehow now is...

Thrusty Ship - Mike failing at his own challenges :)
- Follow Thrusty Ship's development on Twitch, live every day!

OVO Smash!

What happens when Memory Match meets Deathmatch? OVO Smash! Now available for PC on the Steam store (release date 2017-10-10).
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OVO Smash! - Trailer

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Tuition services

in Principle is always looking for new students. We offer classes both in person and over the internet. Interested in learning how to make games?

Introductory Class - Trailer

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Don't hesitate to get in touch!

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